24/7 Monitoring and Support

InfoPlexSTP specializes in providing 24 X 7 support for our Customers.

Each Customer receives a cell phone number to call with any issues.
InfoPlexSTP staff respond immediately to requests for support.

Specifically, InfoPlexSTP provides the following support services:

Round the Clock Monitoring and Notification

InfoPlexSTP builds into all of its products support for monitoring application health.

InfoPlexSTP monitoring systems provide email, text messaging and pager notification in the event of an outage.  Upon notification of an outage, the Support Technician on duty evaluates the issue and either fixes the problem or triages it to the appropriate resource.

Software Support

InfoPlexSTP maintains strict control of the software and documentation for each of the customized “links” provided to each customer.  When changes are needed to meet changing requirements, our expert
interface developers work to quickly accommodate any changes that are required.

Any changes to InfoPlexSTP provided software are provided as part of your relationship with InfoPlexSTP.

Interface Consulting Services

InfoPlexSTP will be your interfacing experts.  Whenever you are contemplating the implementation of a new electronic relationship InfoPlexSTP will provide expert knowledge to help you implement each new relationship quickly and easily as possible.

InfoPlexSTP consulting services are provided as part of your InfoPlexSTP relationship.

Data Archiving and Analysis

InfoPlexSTP can maintain historical data in several ways:

1) Archive copies of all transactions passed to/from electronic partners.

2) Maintain detailed logs of all transactions sent/received as well as any data transformations during processing.

Archiving and logging are provided as part of your InfoPlexSTP relationship.