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Mike Gronholm

InfoPlexSTP announces the completion of an integration project connecting IBM Services with the Pizza Hut Help Desk system

Portland, OR. November 20, 1997 – InfoPlexSTP announced today the completion of an integration for Pizza Hut that is expected to deliver significantly improved response to Help Desk service requests.

“Working with InfoPlexSTP was a great experience. They listened to our needs, delivered on time and within our budget. They took the risk out of the project. We will be using them again.” Pizza Hut.

The automation of call flow is a significant improvement for companies because they no longer have to place a telephone call to their service vendor’s dispatch desk. InfoPlexSTP is an automated system that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and it completes the service request to service desk process in a few moments versus 15 to 30 minutes. Eliminating as many as 5 telephone calls also enables the automated system to pay for its self quickly. The average cost of one Help Desk call is $24.00. Eliminating 1,000+ calls per year delivers immediate bottom line results.

About InfoPlexSTP

Based in Portland, Oregon and launched in 1995, InfoPlexSTP is a software integration services company providing communication links between help desk systems and repair service companies. Customers include Financial Institutions, Restaurants, and Retailers. More information is available at InfoPlexSTP’s Website